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Our Vision

Since first becoming a physician, I have tried to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and life-changing care.

I have focused my work on prevention and education, preferring to spend more time with fewer patients than spend less time with more patients as large-corporation medicine would have physicians do.

I have spent countless hours on the phone getting patients the services they need. I have completed innumerable authorization forms and worked tirelessly to find patients affordable medication. I have even provided my personal cell phone number to parents and patients whom I have worried needed extra care.

Honestly, it has been difficult to provide this care under the control of insurance companies. Insurance companies want to mandate appointment length. They want to limit patients to one problem per visit. They want physicians to see as many patients as possible within a certain time period. They require excessive documentation and audits, and they demand the constant submission of patient improvement scores.

Over time, insurance companies and large-corporation medicine have made delivering compassionate, comprehensive, life-changing healthcare nearly impossible.  

Therefore, when I discovered the Direct Patient Care (DPC) model, I knew that DPC was the solution for me. DPC cuts out insurance companies and allows physicians to care directly for their patients. 

By paying a small monthly membership fee, patients receive longer appointment times and unlimited appointments per month. They are seen for comprehensive healthcare instead of symptom treatment, and they are seen with little to no wait time. By having fewer patients, the physician can provide access to her patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can even make the occasional home visit.

This is how primary care should be, and this is the model that I have chosen to follow out of a deep care for my patients and a deep desire to provide the best healthcare possible.

I hope you will join the Revolution.  

-Dr. Jes Sloan

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