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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an innovative model of healthcare that allows the patient to pay his/her physician directly. This increases access to your physician and allows for more comprehensive care. Find out more information on the Our Vision page and at

Why do doctors save money by cutting out insurance companies?

Insurance companies require excessive paperwork and documentation. It is so excessive that it usually requires two full office staff to file insurance, do prior authorizations, and complete assessments. Less office staff saves the practice money, and we pass the savings along to you.

What services are included in my membership?

Everything that a family physician can do, which is a lot! Care for infants on up to geriatrics. Well visits, sick visits, urgent care, procedures, and more. Visit the Services page for more details. 

Do you really mean you are available 24/7?

Yes. We encourage our patients to contact us after hours for urgent matters because we know that illness and injuries don't follow office hours.

I can see the benefits, but won't this cost me more money?

Often patients think that this model of care will cost them a lot of money. Fortunately, that is not true for most people. The annual cost of care at Revolution Family Medicine is less than the annual deductible for most insurance. (Your deductible is the cash amount your insurance makes you pay before covering services.) Additionally, you will save money on urgent care visits and possibly emergency room care because you will have access to a physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finally, Dr. Sloan is a UNC-trained and experienced physician who is capable of managing many medical problems that other physicians send to expensive specialists. Avoiding specialist fees for diabetes, COPD, thyroid issues, and psychiatric disorders creates huge savings.

Do I still need my insurance?

Yes. We encourage our patients to keep their insurance, although many patients change to a lower cost plan. Revolution Family Medicine does not cover services such as specialist visits, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, and imaging.

When will you be open for appointments?

We are currently open for telehealth and home visit appointments only. Our office is under construction and we anticipate its opening in mid-April 2022.

Do you accept Medicare?

At this time, we only accept Medicare for persons who were Dr. Sloan's patients in 2020, or who are family members of current patients. Medicare patients do not pay the monthly membership fees of the DPC. Instead, services are billed as required by Medicare. Patients still enjoy the compassionate, comprehensive care that Dr. Sloan provides.

Do you take Tricare?

At this time, we are not accepting Tricare patients.

Do you take Medicaid?

While we do not accept Medicaid, we do offer special membership plans for patients who are Medicaid-eligible. Please contact us for details.

Can I use my HSA or FSA (FLEX card) to pay my monthly dues?

Most employers support the use of FLEX/FSA accounts to cover our monthly dues. Check with your employer's Human Resources department if you have questions. As of now, it is uncertain if HSAs can be used to cover monthly dues. Legislation was submitted in 2019 to make this more clear, but it has yet to be adopted by the IRS.

You mentioned discounts on labs, imaging, and medications. How does that work?

We have negotiated proprietary deals with LabCorp for low-cost labs and with Valley Radiology for low-cost imaging. We are not allowed to publish these prices on our website, but they are available to members.  
Additionally, Dr. Sloan has a Dispensing Physician License, which allows her to buy certain medications at wholesale prices and pass those savings on to you.

Can I still use my insurance for specialists, imaging, labs, medications and hospitalizations?

Absolutely. However, for imaging and labs, many patients find that our special rates, and our prices on wholesale medications, are less than what insurance charges. We encourage our patients to compare pricing. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You may cancel at anytime and receive membership fees back if you have prepaid. Of note, we do charge a $150 re-enrollment fee if you decide to return.

Can I make an appointment for a one-time visit?

Yes, if approved and if there is an appointment time available. Contact us for pricing.

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